Why do I give to the Church?

The Church is Christ’s gift to us. He gave Her to us so that we can know and live with Him. She is entrusted to us to love, protect, and support. We do this by dedicating some of our time and our treasure to the needs of Her life.

We invite our parishioners to prayerfully reflect and decide before Christ how they would like to support the universal needs of Nativity and the greater Church.

Nativity is a tithing parish–we encourage members to tithe regularly, and in turn, we give 10% of our offertory to support special needs of our Archdiocesan Church, charitable works in our community, and missionary efforts abroad.

How much should I give?

A suggestion for sacrificial giving is to give 5% of oneʼs income to the parish and 5% to worthy charities.

Why should I give online?

Nativity participates in an online giving program that serves as a consistent, reliable means of making your offering to our parish.

When you participate in online giving, your gift will conveniently be transferred from your bank account or credit card directly to our parish. Among its many benefits, our online giving program allows you to provide consistent support without having to remember your envelopes and to contribute even when you’re out of town.

Click here to enroll for online giving.



Upcoming and Recent Special Collections:

Throughout the year, the Archdiocese of Denver has scheduled 17 special collections. Here, you can find letters from the Office of the Archbishop explaining what the donations from each collection benefit. We will contribute a given amount to each from parish tithing, but if you wish to make a further contribution, please put your offering in a white envelope and mark it for the collection.

Church in Latin America (January 21-22, 2017)

Mercy Changes the World (October 15-16, 2016)

Peter’s Pence Collection (June 25-26, 2016)

Church in Africa Collection (July 16-17, 2016)