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Ilene DuBey

Director of Development


I am a native Californian who loves the beach and especially my flip flops!

In 1993 I, along with my husband Jim DuBey, took a huge leap of faith and moved to Colorado with no jobs and very little savings, but wanting a more peaceful place to put down roots and start a family. In 1995 our daughter was born and for the past 25 years Colorado has been our home. The move was not always easy, especially when it snowed and I had to put on actual shoes instead of my beloved flip flops! For many years I would say, “I don’t know why we are here in Colorado; I just know we are suppose to be”.

In 2010 the reason why became very clear. The reason was for our family to meet the Missionary Priest of St. Charles Borromeo. What a blessing they have been to our family, and what a blessing they are to work for. I thank God every day for that gift!

Jim, our daughter, and I have been parishioners at Nativity since 2003. Our daughter is a graduate of Nativity School (2009), and I have been on staff since 2009. I have a BA from Long Beach State and have over 25 years of professional experience in fundraising, special events, marketing, and sales. I feel so blessed to be able to share my experience and God-given gifts for the good of all at Nativity Church and School.