Registration for Spring is coming soon and will not be accepted until the first of the year.

All classes are 6:00-7:00pm on Monday nights.

Thank You Please download the registration form by clicking here.

All children seeking sacraments need to have been baptized and must be accompanied by a parent throughout the preparation.

Candidates seeking  the Restored Order must be 7 years or older and have 4  Faith Formation credits (see below for details). The restored order is when a child, after making their first penance, is confirmed and then receives First Communion at the Confirmation mass.  For more information on the Restored Order, click here.

Candidates seeking Confirmation only need to have 2 Faith Formation credits.

Formation credits can be earned by the following:

  • One semester Religious Education (school, R.E. or catholic home school) equals one credit

  • One semester attending Middle School Ventures of the Star or High school youth group equals one credit

  • Attending Middle School Vacation, Totus Tuus or other Catholic retreat equals one credit.

If you are an adult seeking confirmation, click here to download the registration form.



How does Nativity’s Confirmation program work?

If you would like your child (age 7-17) to receive Confirmation, you must register for and complete one of these sessions, each of which consists of four required classes.   After completing the classes, you will then be ready for the sacrament of Confirmation.  There are two Confirmation ceremonies at Nativity each year, one in the fall and one the spring.

We also have a confirmation program for adults (over 18). All adults wanting to receive confirmation must be baptized Catholic. Ask about receiving First Eucharist, if you haven’t yet.



What is the essential rite of Confirmation?

The essential rite of Confirmation is the anointing with Sacred Chrism (oil mixed with balsam and consecrated by the bishop), which is done by the laying on of the hand of the minister who pronounces the sacramental words proper to the rite.  In the West this anointing is done on the forehead of the baptized with the words, “Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit.”  In the Eastern Churches of the Byzantine rite this anointing is also done on other parts of the body with the words, “The seal of the Gift of the Holy Spirit.” (Question and answer from the Compendium of the Catechism, 267).


What is the effect of Confirmation?

The effect of Confirmation is a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit like that of Pentecost.  This outpouring impresses on the soul an indelible character and produces a growth in the grace of Baptism.  It roots the recipient more deeply in divine sonship, binds him [or her] more firmly to Christ and to the Church and reinvigorates the gifts of the Holy Spirit in his [or her] soul.  It gives a special strength to witness to the Christian faith. (Compendium, 268)