Sojourners Young Adult Group

The young adult stage of life serves as a transition period between schooling and settling down, and is therefore one of the most transient periods of life. Somehow, your young adult adventures have brought you here—to the suburbs of Denver, CO—and it is here you seek to find a home, at least for the time being, and transition smoothly into adult living.

To help you during this transition period, we at Nativity have created Sojourners, a young adult group meant to provide community, catechesis, and time spent in prayer for young adults on their unique journey.


2017 Meetings:

Join us Thursdays at 6:00pm for study and fellowship. The meetings will be held at the Frassati House (580 West 3rd Avenue Drive) and dinner will be provided. There is no prior preparation necessary! We welcome everyone who would like to join us–even if you are just interested in enjoying good beer with some friends! Be sure to sign up for the Sojourner’s Flocknote and like our Facebook page to get weekly updates.


Denver Catholic Young Adults