Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church
900 W. Midway Blvd. Broomfield, CO 80020

Frassati House: 580 W 3rd Avenue Drive

Parish Office: (303)469-5171
Fax: (303)469-5172
School Office: (303) 466-4177
Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


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Pastor Fr. Michael Carvill, F.S.C.B. Ext. 114
Parochial Vicar Fr. Accursio Ciaccio, F.S.C.B. Ext. 111
In Residence Fr. Gabriele Azzalin, F.S.C.B. Ext. 121
Deacons Mr. Richard A. Medenwaldt Ext. 106
Mr. Leonard “Buz” Onesky Ext. 106
Business Manager Kyle Hubbart Ext. 108
School Principal Mrs. Kathy Shadel Ext. 119
Business Office Accountant Carol Sullivan Ext. 109
Administrative Assistant – Front Desk Belinda Marquez-Salgado Ext. 100
Parish Registrar Merrilyn Sikora Ext. 110
Dir. of Faith Formation Mark Thomason Ext. 104
Dir. of Religious Education Diane Irby Ext. 103
Music Director Marcia Marchesi Ext. 123
Development Director Ilene DuBey
IT Director
Jim DuBey
Ext. 115
Pastoral Communications Assoc.
Jacquie Fankell
Ext. 135
Promoter of Charitable Works
Maura Johnson
Executive Assistant to the Pastor
Lynne Gallagher
Ext. 101